Orange/EE mast on Aldery Hill, Earl Sterndale

The company operating the mast, when it was called Orange, had decided to “reduce maintenance and operating costs” by allowing that mast to operate on reduced power then be switched off. When the new name “Everything Everywhere” was adopted the stated policy was to improve coverage again. This meant that disused masts would be brought back into service.

Most people who live in the area are aware of a similar situation with the mast at Newtown and have seen notices in Longnor Post Office about the battle to get that mast back up to full operating power.

New information is that EE have applied for planning permission on 30th August 2016 to add a larger transmission/receiver dish to the large mast next to the Cat & Fiddle public house. This is intended to improve coverage and capacity for the local relay masts (like Eal Sterndale and Newtown).




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